Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Obsession shoes. You have no idea. For Christmas, I asked for 3 pairs and received 4. I think I need a shoe rehab. So, I got:

These pretty moccasins (:

These amazing zebra flats

These gorgeous grey Converse!

These spectacular Uggs!

I love them so much (: I think im a little bit obsessed. Just a little bit. What was your fave present?


stargirlreads said...

I love the uggs!!!

Emily said...

they are veryy super cliche but i like them (:

Bookworm said...

Oh, my gosh, that so makes two of us shoe-obsessed. I love the mocs and flats--both are very "in style" right now. Lucky you! Happy New Year!

Laina said...

I want those zebra flats!!

There's the cutest pair in this store I go into all the time that have been there for like months now that I'm thinking of buying... but I kinda own... a dozen? Maybe more pairs of shoes. Most of which I accquired last summer.

Simply_Megan said...

Haha, I got two pairs of shoes for Christmas: gray clogs and tan Puma sneakers.

Shalonda said...

I still love Uggs!

And you can never go wrong with Converse!

robin_titan said...

oooh those are cute! i'm very jealous, I wish I had gotten shoes for christmas :( I got other good things, but shoes would have been great :)

happy almost new year!

Chelsea said...

LOVE the zebra flats. And the moccasins! I'm insanely jealous right now.

The Book Obsession said...

I love the flats!!
Would you like to do a link exchange?
Happy New Year!

Hope. said...

You have no idea how addicted I am to shoes. My mom had me count my pairs of shoes one time when I was cleaning and I have over sixty pairs. :p Most of them are flip-flops, which I can only wear a few months out of the year... I live in MI. But, the first day and last day of every year it's supposed to be fifty or above, you bet I have a pair of those flip-flops on. :p

I got a pair of converse for Christmas too! I love them! they're an off-white pair of the Chuck Taylors. :]