Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm sooo freaking honored!

AHHH! You guys blow me away. You have no idea! So today, this amazing day, is my one-month anniversary of this blog. ONE MONTH. And what do you know, I just got nominated for that I Love Your Blog thing, FOUR TIMES. Four times! What the heck! I love you guys! Soooo, thank you like times 29347892374982734872 (: I'm so new at this! Why are you even coming to my blog!? (Just kidding, keep coming, I'm not doubting myself ;)). I just kind of tend to ramble on subjects I bet you guys don't give 3 shakes of a tailfeather about. 

I'm so floored right now.

Gahh. Okay, I'm okay now. Breathing has resumed regularity. *Deeeep breath*

So thank you, from like the tip my my little toe, to the tallest hair on my head, to...

LEXI! *whoo! a round of applause* at
MEGAN! *yayy for megan!* at
JUST LISTEN! *cheers!* at
NADINE-STELLA! *what a kick ass name!* at

Soooo, you better get your booties over there and tell them they are amazing. Or, I will come and steal your first-born child. Not really, but hey, never trust anyone on the internet. Unless that person is me (: You can trust me. Maybe. But, no really you can. (; 

Stilllll reading Revealers. Slowly. But, whatever, I have school to attend to! 

And guys, bad news. Today, at soccer practice, I think I lost my phone. There were hot soccer guys around, and I don't know, I think in the moment, I must have been forgetful and misplaced it. I'm sad...


TruBlu93 said...

Aww Thanks. You think my name is Kick That really SUCKS about your phone though. Mine got lost at school before, and like a month later, it was found in the same room. I was super HAPPY cause I figured someone would have stolen it by then. So stay hopeful, it just might turn up.


Hillary said...

Hot soccer players are the most distracting type of guy. It's understandable. I hope you find your phone! Congrats on all the nominations!!

Hope. said...

Mm. I would've lost my phone if hot soccer players were around too. :p

But I hope you find it!

Beth Kephart said...

Congratulations on all your nominations, Emily. That's fantastic!