Friday, January 2, 2009

Presenting!: Stefan Petrucha

As you all know, this is my first author bio! I have a few lined up but I thought I would start them off by introducing this wonderful writer. Stefan Petrucha is the author of another series called Wicked Dead, but his fame lies in his up-and-coming book, The Rule of Won. So may I present, Stefan Petrucha!

Q: What are you working on right now?
A: SPLIT, my third hardcover from Walker Books for Young Readers. It's a little tough to describe. It's actually two novels, each about the same person, Wade, if he'd made different choices with his life. In one, he's a wild child - he quit school and plays guitar at a coffee dive. In the other he's incredibly responsible and working on a project he believes will save the world. When he's awake in one life, he's asleep and dreaming the other - but one world begins to intrude on the other and the two Wades have to switch to help each other out. I'm very excited about it - it may be my best yet! It'll be out in late 2009.

Q: What are some of the things you like to do (other than writing)?
A: Spend time with the family (I have two daughters Maia and Margo) hand with my fellow writers at sundry coffee houses, make music (I kind of play piano and guitar) and sometimes waste a day or two playing Sid Meir's Civilizaion, though I really should spend more time reading :).

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Not personally, but my daughters have a guinea pig (Mercury), a hermit crab (Plankton), and a puffer fish (Bubbles) *reviewer comment: awwe! i was not that creative when I was a child*. Until recently we had a Bearded Dragon (Lizzie) but she didn't adapt well to our move to Western Mass. and passed away recently. I am allergic to most everything else, buy would probably have a dog if I could.

Q: What is on you iPod/music player right now?
A: I just spent a lot of time ripping old CDz to MP3, so the list is a little skewed toward older stuff, but right now, among assorted eclectic stuff, there's Teenagers (My Chemical Romance), Smooth (Santana), Round Here (Counting Crows), All for the Best (Godspell), Passing Afternoon (Iron & Wine), and Ashes to Ashes (Bowie). I'm also a big Beatles fan. *reviewers comment: who isn't?! Gotta love the Beatles.*

Q:What do you love most about writing?
A: It makes me think about how life works, how people work and how I work, and gives me a chance to try and put all that together in some coherent fashion. It's also wonderful when readers appreciate and understand what I'm trying to get at. At its best, for me, writing's like a meditation/prayer. At it's worst it's more a mechanical process, like doing a crossword puzzle, but I enjoy that too.

Rapid Fire Session! (for all you lazy people who skip the long writing and read the short blips about the author. Yes I know you are doing it, becuase I'm the same way :))


Color? Purple or a deep royal blue
Food? Varies. Right now chocolate. I also love breakfast home fries
TV Show? House and Dexter - would love to meet them sometime. *reviewer comment: Oh my god, I worship House. Love. that. show.*
Movie? So many! Loved Heath Ledger in Dark Knight recently. Galaxy Quest comes to mind.
Season? Spring or Fall - the in-between temperatures suit me best.
Memory? My daughters being born, meeting my wife, Sarah, a big party my mother threw for me when I graduated, a cast party for a video I made in college. During that last memory, the cork from the first bottle of champagne we opened hit a light in the ceiling and knocked it out. The cork from the last bottle we opened hit the same light and brought it back on. Nothing like synchronicity to put you in a good mood!
Weather? 60's with a slight breeze and white billowy clouds in a blue sky. Thunderstorms are cool, too, as long as the power stays on
Animal? The Australian Frilled Lizard. When irritated he rises up on his hind legs and this sort of fan surrounds his face. It's very cool-looking.
Clothing Item? Any over-shirt and my bathrobe. I really like being comfortable and don't particularly care what its looks like, much to the chagrin of people looking at me (:

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Lenore said...

Split sounds great. I like books like that a la Sliding Doors and The Post Birthday World. Plus I will read the Rule of Won very soon so it was great to read this interview :)