Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ahh.. the classics (:

I had no idea how much I missed the old Disney movies. I saw Mulan on Disney today and started bawling. Like, all out, runny nose-blubbering-shaking bawling. That is my childhood right there. Is there a better movie out there? Great songs, hilarious characters, amazing hunky captains (; and just a fantastic storyline. So my question is,


Now we have crap like Phineas and Ferb. What the heck!? I need something good. I'm freaking sick of Hannah Montana and High School Musical. And did you notice, they use the same 10 actors in every movie. Like I saw the commercial for Dadnapped, a new Disney Channel movie, and I swear, every. single. actor. is a star on one of the current shows. UGH! BE CREATIVE. PLEASE.

I just watched a ton of videos on Youtube. God, I miss Disney :( My fave movies are (these are kind of in order but kind of not. Mulan is my fave though :))

1. Mulan
2. The Little Mermaid
3. Hercules
4. Beauty and the Beast
5. Pocahontas
6. Anastasia (which really isn't Disney, but i love it so its on the list)
7. Alladin
8. Alice in Wonderland
9. Peter Pan
10. The Lion King

What is your favorite Disney movie. Pleaseeee don't say like HSM or a movie like that. CLASSIC Disney. Not Fake crap Disney.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy this video of the best song ever made for a Disney movie.


Bookworm said...

Winnie the Pooh! And, I agree-GET SOME NEW ACTORS! I know recycling is "green", but not when it comes to movie after movie after movie!

Emily said...

Gahhh I knoww! I don't even watch it anymore. I hate it that much. We need you Walt!

Amanda said...

I agree! Disney used to be about teaching kids to accept and appreciate others.

My favorite Disney Movies would be..
The Lion King, and Tru Confessions.


stargirlreads said...

oh my god.... Thats my favorite disney song ever!!!! my favorite disney movie is Smart House. "Jump Jump the house is jumping" lol

Hillary said...

I agree with you completely. I think Mulan is my favorite too.

Shalonda said...

Alice in Wonderland has always been my favorite Disney movie!  It is closely followed by Beauty and the Beast, The Fox and the Hound, and Mulan.
I agree--bring back classic Disney!

Emily said...

Amanda- Omg I fogot about Tru Confessions. That movie makes me soo sad :( But it was so good!

HIllary- Mulan is definately amazing

Shalonda-AHH! I love Fox and the Hound! I havent seen it in over 10 years though :(

sweetmelissa818 said...

I don't watch any of the new Disney movies (except my kids love Pixar, so I watch it) and I refuse to watch sequels! Alice in Wonderland is my #1 favorite Disney movie (and my favorite book). Disney really has gone downhill!

Storyheart said...

IT all changed when computers took over the animation and films can be knocked up in a fraction of the time that they used to be. The drawings are all much of a much ness and so are the voices if like me you have little ones that love all Disney.
The truth is it is now the "add ons" that make the money not the films. So keep changing subjects and bringing out new backpacks etc.etc

Kate said...

I agree,
Disney has gone downhill.
I still have my Disney films on video :)

For the word verification, I got given wartmat - how lovely.