Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm so frustrated.

I'm sorry I haven't had anything book-related for a while, but I haven't had time to read becuase of exams coming up. But I wanted to touch on another issue today.


Any boy, if you are reading this, I ask you this simple question, "Why do you feel the need to be a perpetual asshole?" Its a very easy question to a very complicated matter. I have two brothers and they aren't like the boys I know! One, the 16 year old, is mature and caring. He has a girlfriend. My little brother is a wise ass and a show-off. He, on the other hand, does not have a girlfriend. Older bro is smart and actually cares about his schoolwork, while little bro is forgetful and never reads or does his homework. Hmm, I see a pattern. 

Why do boys feel like they need to act like they are the best thing ever to happen on this planet? Because, obivously they aren't. And they never will be. So whats the huge fuss? The womanly world may never know..

So here is a chart explaining the situations of some of the men of my life. *These are all fake names.*

Situation: Eddie- Funny guy that shows off all the time. Gets straight D's. Treats girls like crap.
Hence: He gets no girls. He has a ton of guy friends! But no girls..

Situation: Frank- Sweet guy. At least respects and is friends with girls. Friendly. Smart. Athletic.
Hence: He gets girls. He could have anyone he wanted.

Wow. How hard is it to understand that? Really? Its simple.


anotherpageisused said...

I completely agree with you! haha

Lexi <3

P.S. There's a surprise for you on my blog. :]

stargirlreads said...


sweetmelissa818 said...

the sad thing is that it doesn't really get better.

Bookworm said...

It's like they're a different species or something....LOL.

Barrie said...

Ahhh....this post takes me back. ;)

Emily said...

lexi- thank you! ill try to get to it

stargirl- ahmennn sista

melissa-wow? really? this really sucks now!

bookworm- lmao! omg that just made my day (:

barrie- oh wasnt high school just the best? (actually that wasnt sarcastic at all :))

Nonsense said...

Hey I feel slightly outnumbered here! =( As you showed with frankie, not all guys are the same. Some guys feel that the only way they can impress someone is by consistantly attepting to be superior. And if they look superior to all the guys, they think that will make the girls think they are better. Other's, who dont feel they need to prove anything, are generaly nicer to people. I am a guy by the way, and I have a lot of girl friends, and guy friends too. Im nice to everyone and I respect other's feelings. Im not friends with guys like Eddie because I dont enjoy their company. I really hate it when I see an asshole end up with great girls.

The one thing I have against girls is how shallow they can be at times. Just in french class the other day, an otherwise perfectly nice girl was asked to describe her dream guy. The first things she said were
1. Good looking
2. Really good at sports
3. Blonde Hair.

not a big deal but I hate it when girls put looks above everything else. Now I dont struggle in this area, but I'd hope whoever I end up with will have attitude,layalty, and honesty on her top three, not looks.

Sorry to ramble.....goodluck with the guys Emily.