Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sorry. Seriously.

Wow. I'm a slacker. So what. I'm 15 years old. But, yet again, noooo review today. Brisingr is taking foreverrrrrr to read. Its like 700 pages! (I would go look to see the exact number, but I am too tired to get up.

This weekend I had a soccer tournament for a college showcase. Seriously, who is crazy enough to have a soccer tournament in almost December, IN OHIO? Ohio! Where it is crappy and raining and blahh. Oh and it wasn't just pitter-patter rain, it was sideways, changing directions, come-and-go, hard as if icicles had taken flight rain. And it was cold. Like 17 degrees Farenheit. So that made the rain cold! And we were wearing shorts and I had no gloves. Yeahh, it was a blast. 

To be positive, we won our game today. We went 1 and 3 so thats not great, but whatever. I was cold. And wet. But basically now, I'm still cold, and I'm sore allll over my body from where I got flipped over a girl's back who was charging at me. Soccer is NOT for weaklings, let me tell you that. Noo, we push, punch, occasionally even bite. It is not pretty. But its fun to be competative, am I right?

So my main point, no review today. I'm planning on curling up and reading Brisingr for the remainder of my weekend. Mmm (: Gotta love it. I'm like on page 500 in Brisingr now, so review soon? Maybe!


Beth Kephart said...

I played soccer once, as an adult.

I can reaffirm your note here that it is no sport for a weakling. I had never been so run down and run over in all my life. Still, it was fun.

Hillary said...

I LOVE soccer! And I agree, soccer is a tough sport.

Can't wait for your review!!

Peaches said...

Gasp, I love soccer...but, yeah, not for the faint of heart...can't wait for your review!

Amanda said...

Can't wait for the review!

TruBlu93 said...

I'm a slacker too, and it just started this I've had like 40pages left in Airhead since Saturday. lol My goal is to have it read and reviewed by this weekend. If I don't limit/schedule myself sometimes, I can never get anything done.