Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Release: Bolt

Title: Bolt
Rating: PG
Stars: John Travolta (Bolt) and Miley Cyrus (Penny)

Summary (from official website): More than just a man's best friend, BOLT is a modern-day action hero. Raised on the set of a hit television show, Bolt believes he has amazing powers - like a devastating Superbark! But when he's accidentally shipped to New York City, Bolt's daredevil stunts no longer go according to plan. As reality begins to challenge his delusions, Bolt learns his whole life has been a lie. Or has it? Admidst the adversity and hard-knocks, Bolt will discover that a dog's true superpower lies in his loyalty to the owner he loves.

Review: A couple of days ago, me and my momma went to go see the new Disney movie, Bolt. I thought it was going to be terrible. Because nothing with Miley Cyris could possibly be good.  But I was so suprised! This movie was actually pretty funny! And definately cute. Towards the end, it got a bit boring but it still kept me pretty entertained.

I would recommend this to younger viewers because, duh, its a Disney movie specifically targeted towards a younger audience! Miley Cyrus is more of a sensation in that age group, so I'm sure that will appeal to them more than it appealed to me. I think John Travolta was in this too, as the voice of Bolt. Personally, I still think he is such a wonderful person. Yeahh, Hairspray kind of ruined his reputation in the movie world, but this movie totally did him justice. 

The hamster, Rhino, was hilarious. He was my favorite part of the whole movie! His character just lit up the screen and he absolutely had the best lines. So maybe you just see this movie to get a quick laugh. I don't really think this movie was worth the 9 bucks I spent to see it, but maybe renting it when it comes out on DVD would be the best scenario. 


TJ Brown said...

it does look kind of cute, but for some reason, Animated movies bug me. I think I had to watch too many when my children were little!

alexis said...

this movie looked pretty funny (for a kids movie!) on the commercials. i know my friend saw that and she said it was okay. good review!:)

Tempestt said...

Nice review!
I reviewed Bolt too!
I really enjoyed it!
Here is the link:
Hope you will check it out and leave a comment! :)

Barrie said...

Glad to hear this movie is cute. I'll be going with my 8 y.o. daughter.

Amanda said...

awwwwh it sounds cute.
great review!

Erin said...

this looks so cute...I'll probably see it when it comes out on dvd.