Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kill me now.

I don't want to study..

I have my science, history, and food for fitness (stupid class..) exams tomorrow and seriously, I DON'T WANT TO STUDY.
I'm a great test taker, so I know I'll ace history (my favorite subject) and food for fitness, but science = yikes.

I. hate. science. We are learning chemistry right now, and I'm in Honor's Physical Science, so our exam is like 19 times harder than the rest of the freshmen tests. Did I mention I hate science? Because I do. Very much so. I despise it. 

And guess which exam is first?! Yay science!

Kill me now. Please.

So I guess I should go study now shouldn't I? Boo..


TruBlu93 said...

I hate studying too. Like I just know I'll do good on a test so I like never study which means I'm ganna have some CRAPPY studying skill when I get to college. Sucks for me.

But if you think you at least have an idea as to what's going to be on the test, then you should just skim over your notes. Cause usually if a teacher writes it down, then it's important. But don't try and cram it all in, that just causes you to forget more information.

Good Luck.

Hillary said...

I have my Spanish IV test tomorrow and Trig which are both honors classes. I'm not studying for Trig because studying for math is impossible and I'm just going to read through all my Spanish stuff. I'm definitely not a study-to-get-good-grades sorta person. I'm more of a look over my stuff a bit and get As and high Bs sorta person. Overachieving is for other people!

Laina said...

In Canada, school doesn't end til the end of June, usually the 28th or so, and then, where I live, it starts usually around the 25th to 26th of August.

Peaches said...

I just had my chem test too, but I'm a sophomore and...I bombed it. Seriously, I might have gotten a 20 on it or something. But GOOD LUCK, I'm sure you'll do fine; I despise science too... :(