Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bo Burnham!

If you don't know Bo Burnham, you have been missing out on life.
Seriously. You have been deprived.
Before you do anything else, watch this. Now.

Love it?! Genius. And if you want to know the exact lyrics, just go to youtube and search the video.

I love Bo Burnham. He is so smart with his jokes! Yes, he may be vulgar at times, but seriously, its so clever. Some of my favorite videos are: 

New Math

and Bo Fo Sho
His Cd is on iTunes and in stores. Its so great. There are a couple songs on there that aren't on Youtube, which makes it all the better. Also, he has a Comedy Central Special coming up. Its on March 27th! So damnn excited.

Look him up on his Youtube channel! (:


IT'S ME. PEACHES. said...

I already knew about him, BUT I did not know about his comedy central special, so THANKS! Time to set the DVR!

Emily said...

You are so incredibly welcome(: