Saturday, September 5, 2009

101 Great Books!

Now I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be a post with my favorite 101 books, but it isn't. I love I am always planning for college, and it's basically my favorite site ever invented. And on College Board, they have a list of 101 Great Books to Read Before You Go to College. So I decided to take on that challenge and I've started it with:

A Death in the Family by James Agee.

Let the fun begin (:


Anonymous said...

I have this list bookmarked. I've wanted to start on it, but I never have. Good luck!

Liviania said...

Good luck! Both with the reading and with your College Board tests!

Kelly said...

Yikes..good luck with Moby Dick, I sort wished Herman Melville had been illiterate and never wrote any books by the time I finally finished slogging through it.

Brianne said...

I'm the same way. Always planning for college. I go on alot, too. ;)
A lotta hard books to read on that list though. Bleh.

PayliTuzu said...

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