Saturday, June 13, 2009


Things I Love About Summer

1. Sunshine. Nothing is better than some authentic sunlight.

2. Time. All the extra time gives me opportunities to do the things I love.

3. Ice cream. It always tastes better in the summer. Always.

4. Vacation. It's a time when my family and I can actually spend time together somewhere beautiful and away from home. This year I get to take my best friend (:

5. Grass. I know it sounds weird, but I'm a soccer player, so it matters to me. The grass is greener, fresher, and softer in the summer. It's so heavenly.


Lenore said...

Sure wish we had more sunny days here in Germany. Even though people lay outside naked when we do.

Laina said...

I actually like ice cream in the winter alot. I'm just weird. :)

Brianne said...

My favorite on your list is how much free time we have. Time to spend it doing the things we love. =)