Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Back (:

Wow. So I'm sorry. I know this will sound absolutely cliche, but I'm sorry that I have been leaving my page so vacant these days. I guess I got out of my book cycle. In laymans terms, I go through cycles in which I am OBSESSED with things. Reading is usually one of those cycles. It always comes back, as it is one of my favorite things, but time to time, I just stop. I just stop reading. I don't know why or even how this happens, but thats just me.

I hope I can get back into reading again very soon. But I need to give a very special shoutout!


I got a notification that you had written on one of my posts. So I went to the page and I felt like I kind of rediscovered it! So thank you Liviania for helping me return to my blog. It means a lot to me!

Anyway, I'm going through some changes in my life.
My grandma, or as we called her, "Granny," passed away recently. We finally sold her condo and we were cleaning it out yesterday. In her house I found a ton of old stuff and trust me, I'm crazyyy nostalgic. So I'm going crazy and looking through all this stuff and I get to her jewelry. She has some kind of useless stuff, but also some very beautiful and valuable pieces. I find this pretty sapphire necklace and earrings and my mom points out that I could have them. But me being the teenager that I am says,

"Nahh, I don't wear stuff like that."
My mom replies, well you could wear it to a formal or something. My teenager self says, "No, I wouldn't wear it." It is at this point that my mom says something that totally flips me upside-down. She says,

"Emily, look at all this *sweeping her arms out*. You need to take advantage of the things you have and use them before your time is out. Your grandmother saved things and never had the chance to use them. Don't let what you have go to waste."

I'm a selfish, ungrateful brat aren't I? I sit around and watch television all day. I'm putting my family and myself to shame. Well, no more, the new Emily is here!

So I am going to take advantage of my multitudes of resources. And live life like there is no tomorrow (:


Lenore said...

Great to have you back!

sweetmelissa818 said...

I love that you guys aren't fighting over your grandmas stuff. My family fought over EVERYTHING! It's nice to see someone appreciating the family, and not just the stuff!

Bookworm said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. That's sad. But I'm glad to have you back! (:

Emily said...

Thanks guys! Its good to be back (: And yeah, its just my dad and his sister getting the stuff so it was pretty easy to split it up. But still.. it was sad.

Alea said...

I'm sorry about your Grandmother. Glad to have you back though!

Liviania said...

I'm glad my comment helped.

Most of my jewelry is stuff I inherited from either my great-grandmother or my grandmother. I don't wear it that often but I love when I do because it makes me feel close to them.

The most uncomfortable was my grandmother's jewelry, which she started giving away before she died. The only pieces I would take at first were ones I knew my parents had given her.

Taren said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother. I totally agree with your mom, too. And that necklace is gorgeous -trust me, you'll wear it some day.

Nicole B. said...

I go through cycles like that too. (Granted, mine also revolve around if I have more work in school, the less I read and the more I do music related things.)

And I'm sorry about your grandma! But the necklace is gorgeous. ^^

Sadako said...

Sorry about your grandmother--the necklace really is gorgeous, though.